1. Tell us a little bit about yourself (job, hobbies, etc.). Where are you from? My name is Jim Wills, I’m from Pennsylvania, United States but am now in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. I work for a tech company west of downtown. I enjoy running, working out, playing softball, travelling, working on cars, following sports, baseball and motorcycle racing; flat track and motocross especially. 2. How did you hear about Halfbike? What made you commit to this new sport? What's your favorite thing about it? Oddly enough, I heard about Halfbike from a suggested post in my Facebook news feed. I visited the page, learned a bit about Halbike and started following it. What made me commit to it? I was looking for something fun to add to my cardio fitness regimen and felt that the Halfbike would fill that need. My favorite part of it is that it is fun, not just exercise, It was fun the first time I rode it and it is still as much fun. More specifically is the feeling of caving turns, it reminds me of cruising on a longboard skateboard. 3. How did your commute/habits change since you got on a Halfbike? How did it look before that? While I have not incorporated it into my commute (it’s a bit far to work; about 8 miles) it has definitely changed my leisure habits. I’ve taken the Halfbike out many times later in the evening after a run earlier in the day for some additional cardio along with taking it out just completely because of how much fun it is to ride. Before that, I might have just gone for a walk. 4. Anything else? One question, a person might ask especially when looking at my use for the Halfbike would be, why not just get a traditional bicycle? I like the upright positioning of the Halfbike as I have had issues with neck pain while riding bicycles.