1. Tell us a little bit about yourself (job, hobbies, etc.). Where are you from? My name is Miguel de Sousa Diogo, I'm from Portugal, more specifically a fisherman town called Setúbal, it's known for the seafood market and Galapinhos Beach (it's awesome, you guys should check it out eheh). I grew up playing football and since I arrived in the UK I've been challenging myself to try to conquer my fear of highs. Already did a tandem skydive, bungee jump, ten minute solo flight in a wind tunnel and now Halfbike eheh. 2. How did you hear about Halfbike? What made you commit to this new sport? What's your favorite thing about it? I was looking for foldable transportation to commute and the videos of Halfbike got me hooked. My favorite thing is probably the zigzag with the back wheels, it's awesome, it's like you are skiing but pedaling eheh. 3. How did your commute/habits change since you got on a Halfbike? How did it look before that? My commute habits changed drastically, going to work or around the town of Bournemouth seeing the people's reactions, especially the kids, it's priceless. I am very proud to be an ambassador to this outstanding brand. 4. Anything else? Best buy I've done in England, by far.