Welcome to our new interview series "Meet The Riders", where we'll be talking with the most devoted halfbikers about the sport that unites us all and how life has changed since joining the community. Next up is Stacia, gym owner, Olympic lifter, 8x All Time World Record Holder and a devoted halfbike enthusiast. You can check out her awesome Instagram here 1. Tell us a little bit about yourself (job, hobbies, etc.) . Where are you from? I am from Hawaii, I own a gym called Fifty Barbell/ CrossFit Fifty with my husband on Oahu. I am a Powerlifter, I also compete in Olympic weight lifting and CrossFit. 2. How did you hear about Halfbike? What made you commit to this new sport? What's your favorite thing about it? My husband coaches me, he saw the Halfbike on instagram and thought it would be great to implement it into our training. My favorite thing about it is honestly just riding it, it’s way more fun to ride than a regular bicycle, it’s really a skill to know how to ride the Halfbike. 3. How did your commute/habits change since you got on a Halfbike? How did it look before that? I mostly use the Halfbike for training, so most times instead of running I’ll use the Halfbike. It gives a really good leg workout (the first week my legs grew 1” from riding it 400m once a day). It also helps with my endurance. 4. Anything else? (add anything you'd like to say) I love my Halfbike. It really does help in my training and I’m really glad to be a part of the Halfbike Family!