Hi, As a context: * I've live in Lisbon area (a lot of hills), * I'm after 40 with 90 kg weight My daughter is an active 7 years old kid and at some point I wasn't able run as fast as she rides a scooter. HB was designed to be used for short distances (less than 15-20 km). * Learning basic driving on the HB turned out to be child's play; * HB is a lot of fun to drive; * HB It is perfect as a companion for kid on scooter; * HB It is beautifully and minimalistically made; * Riding on HB allows you to get tired / exercise :] As a cons: unlike a bicycle and unicycle, your hands must be on the handlebars, the descents are terrible, you need good quality roads to enjoy the ride. Unexpectedly, I had the opportunity to damage the bearing in the rear wheel. The contact with halfbikes.com was great, they helped, took care of me and my HB. Customer support and service: Great! Recommend Michał