Move around the city as fast as a cricket, feel like a tightrope walker and simply switch off from daily routine on your rides. I can only say nice things about my Halfbike 3. Either for transport or just for fun it is an incredible companion. Moving around in a big city it's just like a video game where you can invade sidewalks and take shortcuts when navigating across the old town. People do not seem to be intimidated and will even smile at you in amazement. There is room for improvement, the upper pin and the quick release screws need serious revision. I'm looking forward to seeing what the next model will be like. A Gates carbon belt drive would be an astonishing addition since it would make 'The Halfbike' even more minimalist, clean, silent and maintenance free. That's my two cents. The Halfbike is just a unique experience and the learning process even more so. Just dare to ride it!