(halfbiker) 2 months ago
Anyone tried changing from the current sturmey archer X-RD4 to 8 speed X-RD8? I love my bike, riding for a couple of weeks now and would like to experiments with higher gear ratio, I got some uphill passages on my treks that give me trouble. I also dont like the shifter that is present on X-RD4. Im not sure what specs should I be looking for to know if the 8 speed version would be compatible with HB3, can anyone chime in? www.sturmey-archer.com/en/products/detail/x-rd4 I was also thinking about Shimano Alfine/Nexus 8-11 speed hubs, but not sure if those would fit HB3. bike.shimano.com/en-EU/technologies/component/details/inter-8.html bike.shimano.com/en-EU/technologies/component/details/inter-11.html www.sturmey-archer.com/en/products/detail/x-rd8
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