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(ambassador) 3 years ago
Looking for anyone in the NYC area that has a Halfbike and would want to ride. Cheers.
(ambassador) 2 years ago
It's officially winter here in NYC but if anyone is in the area an up for a ride, let me know and we can meet along the west side greenway to check out the sights in the cold.
(ambassador) 2 years ago
Another ride along Manhattan's west side - Hudson River Greenway - before the deep freeze hit.
1 year ago
hey Joel, I wanted to ask what size HB do you have? S, M, or L? Thanks!!
1 year ago
Also, im 5'7", so I have an opportunity to buy a second hand HB2, in a Large size, do you think it would matter?
(ambassador) 1 year ago
Hello Andrew, I have a size M. Fit's great and I'm 5'7", too. Not sure how a Large size would feel. If you're in the NYC area, let me know and I can get you a test ride. Cheers.
(halfbiker) 1 year ago
Hi Andrew, I have the newest HB3 in size M. I live in lower Manhattan. I am looking for a full bike so I would be willing to sell if you are interested. -Sue
1 year ago
Hi Susan, I’m interested in getting a HB3 but was not sure how it would handle the actual streets of NYC. Is it responsive enough to commute with in midtown?
9 months ago
Hi all, I am a New Yorker, saw someone riding what I found afterwards (through Internet) was a Halfbike in Central Park, and here I am trying to find more about it before I buy one. Is anyone interested in sharing their experience? I am 6'2'', 230 lb and so I am wondering if it's good for me. Thank you! Inigo
(ambassador) 9 months ago
Hello Inigo, it's a 95% chance that was me you saw in Central Park. I'm there a few times a week doing laps for my workout. I'd be happy to chat with you further about the bike and let you check out mine. I'll send you a private message, too, so we can coordinate. Cheers, Joel.
(halfbiker) 6 months ago
Hey everyone! I am new to the halfbike scene. I’ve had mine since March. I live in the New york, New Jersey tristate area. I am looking to ride with other half bikers and improve my stamina. If anyone wants to ride or try out my bike feel free to hit me up. My goal is to ride long distances (miles) without stoping. If anyone out there is achieving this already, I’m looking for tips.
(ambassador) 6 months ago
Hey Anthony, I'm up for riding long distances, though, I should clarify what you mean by that ... lol... 10 miles? sure, 20 miles, ok. 50 miles? Maybe I need to work up to that! ha! I'm on the upper west side in Manhattan so if you're anywhere nearby, that would be awesome.
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