(ambassador) 5 years ago
My Halfbike came in July 2017 and I was saving money ever since I saw the pre-order. During the long wait, I checked videos of how to ride. It is different from anything I had tried before. The learning curve is not that hard (I had prepared for something really) but it is so damn fun. It's a challenge and a new motor skill. After a few minutes, there was a click and I could grasp how the balance worked, even if I could still not do it and after a couple of days I could actually ride it. Now, I just step on it and pedal, and it is as natural as a bike. The balance, though, still offers daily subtle delightful improvement opportunities. We do get to try and trust our body, our instinct, and learn to rely on our sense of balance and ability to react. The halfbike itself is good quality, feels good, as you progress, you will start to use the 3 gears, if you chose that model, and love the humming of the gears. The halfbike team is great, their support is amazing, and they will treat you not as a number but as a person. This is a great product, made by good people.
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