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(ambassador) 3 months ago
Well what to say, I'm very satisfied with my halfbike: I'm still learning to "ride outside the box" but I can say it's a unique experience. It's a bit tiring but really fulfilling. It seems a bit like meeting a new friend: you have to relax a little at the beginning, you are a little afraid but you want to show her that you want to know her better and gradually start trusting her more, until running together faster and faster. Highly recommended!
(ambassador) 3 months ago
Ciao vedo che sei italiano se vuoi su facebook c'è il gruppo ci piacerebbe averti dei nostri, oppure ci trovi su strava, telegram, instagram... dai che aspetti vieni e unisciti a noi
(ambassador) 3 months ago
Ciao Alessio, non uso facebook e già seguo l'account instagram di Halfbike. Un saluto, Pino
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