In Quieromicarril as part of our endeavor to promote the use of the bicycle in Villahermosa Tabasco Mexico in order to aim at the sustainability of our society, we wanted to do something different by trying a new way of mobility, in this case, acquiring a halfbike and share the experience with other people by filming from the assembly up to the learning of how to use the halfbike. I enjoy it all the way because I share the complete experience with my son Yesu, 14 years old. We did assembly together the halbike and learned at the same time how to use it. It took us like five minutes to pedal it in straight line and probably another 20 minutes to turn it left or right without falling from the Halfbike. When I started to maintain myself in a straight line more than 300 meters I felt tired, same as my son at the beginning. Now I can tell you that it is an excellent cardio exercise that have both my son and I, improved our fitness. Again as I did before in our video, I want to congratulate all the Halfbike team for the fabulous and exquisite design. Please come up with new ideas in the near future. By doing new things and sharing it, the same way that others have share different ideas with me, we can provoke that other people try new things that will make them change the way they live and enjoy life more. Please see our video in youtube: