(halfbiker) 1 year ago
My halfbike arrived to my home in Canada in perfect condition in the packaging. Assembly was straightforward and easy. I am impressed with the quality and fit and finish. There was snow on the ground when my halfbike arrived so I waited a couple weeks before I got outside, but I did manage to figure out out how to start off on the halfbike in my basement. Once I was outside I found that I quickly became comfortable on the halfbike practicing in a near by parking lot. As I became more comfortable and kept my shoulders relaxed the handling started to become intuitive and the fun quotient elevated even more. My daughter loves riding the halfbike also and she has mastered it very quickly. After having the halfbike for a while I think I would have benefited from ordering it with the gear for hill terrain as opposed to the mixed terrain gear I ordered it with. I live in a town with a lot of hills and I can ride them all but it is a workout. The only thing I can think of to maybe improve on the half bike is to make the handle bar 3 cm longer on each side. I find my hands are right at the ends of the grips. I also should have ordered a second halfbike when I ordered mine so I wouldn’t have to keep asking my daughter to let me have it back.
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