(ambassador) 4 years ago
I was tentative about buying a Halfbike. I had read so many reviews that intimidated me with tales of disappointment regarding how difficult it was to ride one. There were reviewers who stated that they had tried and tried but could never get the hang of it, that they weren’t in peak shape, that they weren’t young anymore. Hey, wait! That’s me! I’m forty-one, not young anymore and not in peak shape. But the videos made it look so easy! I was conflicted. I put off the purchase for months because of those reviews. Eventually, I thought, ‘What the hell!’ I had been looking for a fun way to get out and exercise for a while and decided to make the purchase. The worst thing that could happen is that I’d be out the shipping costs. The bike arrived fast, two days after I purchased it online. I watched the video tutorial on how to put it together. It was so easy! I took it down to the beach and gave it a try, thinking that I was going to fall on my face based on what I had read in those negative reviews. Much to my surprise, it only took me a couple of tries to be able to awkwardly peddle without stepping off the bike. The key is momentum and balance and understanding my center of gravity. After an hour I was able to get going faster. The next day, I was going top speed in third gear, the wind in my hair and people staring at the Halfbike as I whizzed by. My legs burned the next day. My muscles are definitely still getting accustomed to standing and peddling. It’s a great workout! My only complaint about the entire Halfbike experience is that there wasn’t a place for me to try it out before I purchased it. So, I became a Halfbike Ambassador so other people in my area could try one out for themselves and see how fun and easy they are to ride. I highly recommend Halfbike, from customer service to shipping to assembly to, of course, riding one. It’s a good company and a good product. Can’t wait to see what they come up with next!
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