(halfbiker) 1 year ago
Hi there I’m Sharon from Leicestershire in the uk . I purchased my half bike around a year ago . The company were very helpful and shipment was very quick . It was easy enough to assemble and was impressed at the quality. This little weird bike takes time to master so don’t give up !!!! I was off and running within a day (a little wobbly) but balance is the key. Great workout on your core . There’s only one problem I don’t get very far without someone stopping me to ask what the hell i am riding ?? You do need a pretty flat hard pathway to ride on which in England we don’t have a lot of cycle paths or parks to ride bikes in so I find myself limited to where I can ride. I can imagine it’s great in USA or abroad on the coastal paths. Another great feature is you can fold it up to pop in your boot (trunk) so you can take it anywhere with you . I love my bike but wish I had more places to ride it .
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