In the past few years we have witnessed a "standing" revolution of sorts. From standing desks to standing bikes, scooters, skateboards and even standing beds in some hospitals. Standing bikes, in particular, come in all forms, shapes and sizes nowadays and there are quite a few good reasons for this. Today we're going to have a look at some of the advantages and reasons behind choosing a standing bike for your everyday commute and/or training sessions. A more natural, straight posture - Our bodies are definitely not designed to stay seated for long periods of time, but our current lifestyle is based on doing just that. From sitting on our desks all day to sitting at home, with less and less time for physical activities. It will come as no surprise that 1 in 10 men and 1 in 5 women might suffer back pains, directly linked to deconditioning and bad posture. Riding a standing bike, on the other hand, we can negate some of those effects by not altering any of the normal curvatures of the back - this prevents and improves back injuries. Additionally, we have the added bonus of eliminating seating pain, that's quite common when riding regular bikes. Gentle to knees, joints and ligaments - Seated riding, especially when going for longer distances can place the knees under a lot of pressure. When they are put into constant overload they can start to behave differently, augmenting the risk of injury and it's no secret that knees are much more stable while standing. Another great benefit of riding a standing bike is that the impact to the knees & joints is quite low and they do not get overburden like they would during running for example. In that sense, standing bikes can also become quite useful for recovering already injured joints and ligaments. Full body & core workout - Another amazing benefit of standing bikes is that riding them doesn't only engage the legs, but also the core and in fact, almost the whole body. Full body workouts are an awesome way to burn fat and gain equal muscle mass throughout. Happy body = happy heart - The movement required on standup bikes is very similar to riding a normal bike or running. The consistent, perpetual pedaling activates our cardiovascular system and ultimately makes our hearts stronger and less prone to diseases. Improves your overall balance - The standing bikes that require you to balance on them can improve your coordination and ability to react to sudden changes in direction, reducing the risk of accidental falls. Adding a balancing workout to you daily life can help improve your overall energy expenditure and enhance the ability to perform your favorite activities. For the fun of it, ride outside - Riding a standing bike is not also healthy for your whole body, but it's quite fun to ride too. Feeling a new sensation of movement and adding a new perspective to the way you see your city can be quite refreshing and energizing. With the added bonus of being outside and getting that fresh air in the park you'll be ready for any challenge the modern city can throw at you. Click here to find out why your body is made to Move. If you'd like to learn more about the standing bike Halfbike, check the detailed review by trainer, nutritionist and athlete Miguel Rabanal here. Some of the top secret ingredients we mixed into the standing Halfbike here.
1 year ago
I live in Johnston, IA; which is a suburb of Des Moines. Is there any place I can test the half bike?
(ambassador) 1 year ago
Hey Dennis, Unfortunately, we don't have any volunteers in Iowa yet. Do keep an eye on the map, though. Hopefully, we'll have some good news for you in a while. And I'll let you know in case I find an alternative way. Let's keep in touch. Cheers!
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