(ambassador) 2 years ago
My wife and I have been riding the Halfbike 3 for a few weeks. Since I'm a heavier individual, my Halfbike came with stronger springs. My wife says my Halfbike feels more stable to her than riding hers. Does anyone have experience with putting stiffer springs on a smaller sized Halfbike? What are pros and cons?
(halfbiker) 2 years ago
Hey Dean, Even though it may seem more stable at the beginning, we wouldn't recommend it for someone who's just learning to ride (or anyone) as this will take away from the learning itself. What I mean is that even though it may feel stable when going straight (which is also not advisable), it will be much harder to do a proper turn, let alone a U turn. It may prevent her from properly learning to ride a Halfbike in the future.
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