I've always wanted to ride a bicycle since i could remember. Never succeeeded in being able to ride one. 42 years old now and I looked for something to get me in better shape. I've been recently diagnosed with hypertension, requiring two kinds of regular medicine to control the blood pressure. The COVID phenomena mandates people with good health to have better chance of surviving in case get infected. So, I looked up the internet to find some means of fun activity that I can start to keep my health up. a lot of things came up, until I found HB. Ordering one is not cheap at all considering large amount of taxes and transportation to be paid for. I looked up everywhere trying to find predecessors in Thailand that had any experience with the halfbikes. None. a few google results came up with chinese made HB machines which i presume to be replica of the first HB generation. So i took some courage and ordered one after seeing so many positive reviews of it. It took about two weeks to arrive by DHL. 2 hours assembly with no special tools. 3 days of balancing learning got me a little bruised at the ankles and knees. my initial physique allowed for only 1-2 km . distance ride per session. But the fun was already winning over the fatigue. I kept practicing more and more hoping to be able to balance nicely, turn sharply at any corners. after 2-3 weeks the efforts paid off with even more fun. I could finally make U-turn with only 2 meters wide road. more and more distance maximum I could reach. until I was at a point where I could ride average of 20 km. per day. my maximum distance of ride per one session was 33 km. 3 inches of waist decrease. 10 kg of body weight decrease. no more sleep troubles / snoring / sleep apnea. no more gastroesophageal refluxes. many new trips to the mall picking up new shapely clothings. walking up stairs ability 4-5 floors at a time is feasible and my legs felt strongest in my life. backpain from sit straining during surgery (I'm a surgeon) faded away and did not come back anymore now that my core muscles (front belly, waist, back muscles, shoulders, hips) are much stronger than before. my blood pressure levels are easily controlled and medicines lowered. all these thanks to the halfbike team wonderful creation and they provided supports at times I needed them.
2 years ago
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