(halfbiker) 5 years ago
Putting the fun in exercise!! I didn't expect this to be so much fun. Most of my family tried to talk me out of purchasing a halfbike with the typical excused people give a woman of 62... "you're too old, it's too dangerous , you could get hurt." To be honest the first time I got on my new halfbike I secretly wondered if they were right. It wasn't what I expected. Day two was better and I was riding but a bit cautiously. Nowadays, my biggest problem is the people who stop me to ask about the bike. "It looks like such fun!" is the comment I always get to which I respond "it is!!" I ride about 6-8 miles a day for exercise and just love it. It has put the fun back into part of my routine and my family has given up on telling me I am too old. It's the best investment in me I ever made!!
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