I bought my first HB (HB2 on closeout) in the spring of 2020 out of sheer curiosity, and also because there was nothing else available due to Covid. Aside form quitting smoking, it's been the best health decision I've ever made. Halfbike basics took a solid week of practice and mastery took at least two. BUT, it has been 100% worth it. I alternate 'halfbike days' and 'gym days' (with an occasional 'just go home and have cocktail days) and it is a great regimen; just so fun and addictive! The balance aspect and sensation is akin to skateboarding or snowboarding or getting sideways in a car. My legs and core are benefiting greatly. Seems like every time I hit the trails somebody stops me to ask about my HB. HB con = not good for steep grades or unimproved surfaces HB con = no place to carry things HB pro = everything else (so take a backpack and stay on the pavement) I just got my yellow HB3 last month and have been loving it with the refinements (although I must say that the factory grips are too modestly sized and should be swapped out for aftermarket ones - HB team please see photos and take note!). Anyway, I love my HB pair and am so glad I took the chance.