(ambassador) 2 years ago
The halfbike is an intriguing thing as it neither a traditional bike or indeed a stepper or indeed a mono cycle. The more video I watched the more intrigued I became and was super keen to try it. Christmas was coming and do I had a word with Mrs Claus and she sanctioned the spend. To say 2019 was a Christmas like I was 10 would be an understatement. I received it month or so before the 25th December and decided to put it together and then try to resist trying it. That lasted a few days and then I just had to have a go. Only a little bit a few times and then I put it in my study and just kept looking at it. To start with it was super tricky to get going. Scooting it along and leaning over to opposite side to the pedal where your foot is is a good way to get it going. Its as hard to ride as a bike was the first time you ever tried and requires that interesting thing called balance which once you have figured it out is easy peezy but at first its not, just not at all. Some things mostly with an engine just require the go button and you are off but the multi tasking nature of HalfBike initially plays with your head but if you give it due consideration you will be rewarded. Its a thing thats been designed and made by thinkers so you have to think about it and then practice riding it. My chum Steve who races mountain bikes got it immediately and was riding up and down in no time, 10 minutes max. A bike to him is like part of his body and he understands the ebb and flow of the machine. Like anything in life stuff you have to work on a bit makes for the longevity of the experience. Like gybing a windsurf off the wind at full speed and getting round fully planning executing a tight turn on the halfbike is a feeling of joy and elation, I can do it now and it makes me smile more than cornering a conventional bike. I’m still not 100% with it in traffic, on potholed surfaces, or tight paths however its a blast on reasonably smooth surfaces, its super fun and I absolutely love it. Life is short, get one.
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