3 years ago
I recently purchased a Halfbike 2 second hand off of Kijiji. I had assumed that they all came with gears, but this one doesn't. I'm having fun learning to ride this thing, but am already seeing the limitation of NOT having gears. Is it possible to upgrade the wheel/hub to have gears?...if so, where do I get the parts needed?
3 years ago
(halfbiker) 3 years ago
Hi Lorne There are two available options for adding gears. We could send the conversion kit your way and you can try to do it yourself or with the help of a bike shop. Or you can send it to us we will make sure that you Halfbike is fully and properly tuned up for the new season. The price would remain the same either way, but if you decide to send it here you'll need to cover the other shipping. Let me know which one you'd prefer
3 years ago
That's good to hear. I think I would try it myself. What am I getting exactly with the conversion kit? Where do I go to order this?
(halfbiker) 2 years ago
Hi there ☺️. I am in the same situation were could I get the kit ?
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