(ambassador) 1 year ago
6 Month halfbike from November 2020 to May 2021. My name is Volker, I am 52 years old. I bought the halfbike for short rides of 3-5 km to train stations in Hamburg and Bremen. Transport in Metro and train is very easy and the halfbike fulfilles its purpose. Since the ride is fun and real exercise, I am using it much more than planned. I did about 2.000 km in 1st half year and use the halfbike several times per week. A very positive surprise is the option to ride in complete darkness as an after office workout. On a good quality cycle path it feels save enough. I ride for 10-20 km at about 20 km/h. This is a nice alternative to jogging or indoor workout. Also I do regular trips between 20 km to 50 km with my wife on an e-bike. Normally we struggle to cycle together since I prefer to go faster than she. With the halfbike it is fun to go together. Trips > 40 km distance are getting tough form me. We also go through forrests, when the path is not too bad. With some experience it works fine. The only limit are steep climbs. A hill gets tough at 3-5% incline. At 6-8% I don't manage to go uphill. Also downhill has limits. At > 30 km/h I start to feel unsave. 35 km/h is the max. speed I dare to go. A perfect fit for the halfbike a short trips in the city. A ride to the office, to a shop or a pub are just fun. Already 2 or 3 km are a little workout. And there is tons of positive feedback from people I meet. There is several persons who asked where they could buy a halfbike. Overall the halfbike was my best buy in 2020 and it enriches my sportive activities.
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