Thank you for making such a wonderful bicycle! The half bike I bought the other day is doing really well! I have been riding a half bike for over 3 years, and there is no other bike that allows me to experience so much freedom in maneuverability! Please experience the many new sensations that are completely different from ordinary bicycles with saddles! ************************************************** When anyone first rides a half bike, they find it difficult to operate, but as you get used to riding it, you will discover many fun maneuverability features! Each person will experience unique movements depending on their physical ability and body type. I have been riding a half bike almost every day for over 3 years and I still find the maneuvers interesting and complex! It's a free ride where you can feel the possibility of improving even if you ride for years! ************************************************* Instead of just sitting on the bike saddle and pedaling, enjoy half-biking with more freedom and trusting your own senses!