Hello everyone, my name is Giuseppe but for everyone I am "Pino", I live in Rome with my wife and my son, I like all sports, especially those with rackets, but also cycling. I discovered Halfbike three years ago: I found an email I had sent to my wife in August 2017 with this sentence: "Interesting object ...". I liked the idea, the vehicle and the fact that it was enterprising young people who invented and marketed it. Really good job. Well, this year in June I went back to the idea and I thought: it's time to buy it! When my halfbike3 arrived I was excited as a child and mounting it was a real pleasure: tightening those bolts thinking that you will be the one to ride it is a great incentive to be very careful in assembling. During the first ride I thought about the "learning curve" (halfbikes.com/it/learning) and I didn't worry too much... after a few minutes I was able to go straight even though I was very stiff and I tightened the handlebars up to have aching arms. Then in each ride after it got better and better and even today it is still like this. It is a real pleasure to let yourself go and run with Alba on the routes I choose from time to time. I called it Alba (“Dawn” in English) because it sounds like a contraction of "halfbike", it is a female proper name in Italy and recalls a beautiful moment: the birth of the day. Learning to do something new is a great experience and the halfbike gives you this opportunity. In addition to the fun, this extraordinary vehicle allows you to train your balance and your reflexes, it makes you struggle by engaging the whole body and keeping the brain awake ... does it seem a small thing? Actually I must say that Rome is not exactly the ideal place for cycling or with a half of this... the city center is made up of the famous "seven hills" and many of its streets have "sampietrini" (the "sampietrino" or "sanpietrino” is a block of stone - volcanic rock - used for the construction of the road paving commonly used in the historic center of Rome and in St. Peter's Square to pave streets or squares). Those that do not have “sampietrini” are full of holes and without shock absorbers it becomes dangerous... but there are also many enchanting and unique places in the world where you can pedal "in the middle of history" and for some time the municipality has been reserving the streets space for cycle paths: we hope this trend continues. In any case, it is easy to always carry your halfbike with you, fold it and put it in the car, or take it on the bus and on the subway, in short, if you wanted to, you could never part with it. My dedicated Instagram account is @halfbike_mezzabici (literal translation in Italian). Come and visit me and I recommend “ride outside the box” !!
(ambassador) 3 years ago
bella storia (potevi scriverla anche in italiano) interessante come hai nominato la tua Halfbike "Alba" eheheh :-)