(admin) 2 years ago
We can put the comfort range in between 150 and 195 cm (4'11" to 6' 5") while the maximum rider weight is 95 kg / 210 lbs.
6 months ago
I have an opportunity to buy a used medium sized half bike. I'm 5ft 11in 200lbs and would probably need a large. I'm saving quite a lot of money by buying used. Will riding a medium sized bike be difficult or uncomfortable considering its only a 6cm difference?
(halfbiker) 6 months ago
Hi, Ritchie, If you are 5' 11", size M is what you should get anyway. :) If you can, ask the previous owner to give you his/her order id or tell you what springs/sprocket it was built with. Away from size and colour, these are the other things that vary on Halfbike 3 and we choose them according to the measurements of the rider and his/her terrain profile choice. If you need more info, drop us a line here or at hello@halfbikes.com Irina
5 months ago
I'm 280 and I drive trucks and this work be a good bike for me..would I able to get one for me size
(halfbiker) 5 months ago
@Michael H. Hi, Michael, The current limit is set at 210 lbs because of some structural limitations and because over the years and after many test rides and observations, we found out that heavier/taller riders often struggle to find their balance. And while Halfbike was built to handle more and we know of many exceptions to the rule, the current compact and light set up will not be a good solution for you, I am afraid. Shall we drop you a line if at some point we come out with a heavy-duty XL version?
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