5 months ago
How do I know what size a halfbike is? I'm thinking about buying a second hand halfbike type 2 before going all in on a type 3 but the seller doesn't know what size it is.
5 months ago
(halfbiker) 5 months ago
Hey Christ just replied to your other post and email :) Basically, you'll need to measure the length from the handlebar to the ground :) For example a distance measured at around 110cm should be a size M and the difference between sizes is about 6cm.
(halfbiker) 1 week ago
Ok I have a question. I have an opportunity to buy a medium used half bike but I need a large as I'm 5ft 11in weighing 200lbs. Will it be difficult or more tiring considering the difference in size is only 6cm?
(halfbiker) 1 week ago
Size M with hard springs is what will fit you best, Ritchie. If you are ready for an adventure and have no doubts about the condition of the bike, go ahead. :) If the bike you are looking at comes with regular springs and after you try it, they feel way too soft, we can always send replacement set.
(halfbiker) 6 days ago
Yes I got the bike and I'm very happy with it but I do feel the need for stiffer springs. How do I order the springs for my weight of 200lbs?
(halfbiker) 58 minutes ago
@Ritchie You can always order through this link here halfbikes.com/springs just note that choosing springs beyond your weight might make the Halfbike very hard to steer and do turns. Since you've bought a used bike they might need a change. :)
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