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(admin) 1 year ago
If you're curious about the Halfbike and wish to challenge yourself, don't be shy and head over to our playground map page All our ambassadors are marked with red pins, you can contact the one located closest to you and arrange a test ride with him/her. If there is no one around you, don't hesitate to subscribe at the bottom of our website's pages and we'll make sure you won’t miss the next big ride. :)
2 months ago
I'm getting an error message trying to contact Kevin W in Manassas VA about trying a halfbike
(halfbiker) 2 months ago
Hey Bianca, Just sent you an email, but the problem should be fixed now :)
1 week ago
There are no Halfbike ambassadors anywhere near me. The nearest ones are at least a 4 1/2 hour drive away. Before I logged in, there was an option to be notified about upcoming group rides as another way to try a Halfbike. That disappeared when I logged in. What can I do to make arrangements for after COVID-19 dies down?
(halfbiker) 1 week ago
Hi Ben, We've now set your profile, so you'll get notified if an ambassador becomes available in your area. Drop us a line at with your location and we can try asking some halfbikers if they would like to show you the Halfbike :)
1 day ago
Great, thanks! I’ll do that.
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