(halfbiker) 5 years ago
Hi guys, I felt obliged to tell you my experience with my halfbike. I got it around 5 months ago, almost 6. Two weeks later I tried to use it (at a parking lot) and I felt very, very frustrated because I could not do it. So I kind of said: when I have more time and a correct place to practice I will. So that day happened just the last day of the year (yesterday) and I can tell you that, after leaving my thoughts about being too difficult, leaving my stupid thoughts of "i cannot do it- i will fall down" I just got to my super halfbike and did it. I just let my fear go away, loosened up, trusted myself, did not fight with the bike trying to control it.... and... voila!! That was it! i just did it! Well, I guess it may sound exaggerated... but this action just changed my vision of all things in my life: just let the stupid fear go away, just trust yourself, just do not try to control things... loosen up and everything will work at the end. So, my friends, my halfbike, believe it ir not, has just given me a life lesson. And you, as the creators, are part of it. So thanks for that!!! I needed to tell you. Big hug from México! Zaida
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