Halfbike is a new type of vehicle to awaken your natural instinct to move. It combines biking and running. We took the core driving mechanism of a classical bicycle (a wheel connected to a crankset) but redesigned pretty much everything else. The result is a completely new experience! The standing rider position is essential for the Halfbike. It brings you closer to natural walking and you control the vehicle with your whole body, not just your hands. A vehicle that trains your balance and reflexes in a new way. Not only on a physical level but it also affects the way you perceive movement and enhances your senses. We want to enable people to explore new horizons and have fun, and we truly believe that a Halfbike can get you there!

Halfbike is both compact and light, so you can take it practically everywhere with you. Since it’s foldable, it’s allowed onboard in most public transit systems. When folded, a Halfbike fits easily in the trunk of even a small car, under a desk at work or in an overcrowded closet. You can put it inside a lift and even easily carry it when you need to take the stairs, for it is under 9 kg / 20 pounds and quite small. Basically a Halfbike would fit into most spaces too small for a regular bike.

The feeling of riding a Halfbike is really nothing like riding a bicycle but believe us, you’ll certainly enjoy exactly that difference. If we must point out the key advantages we would probably go for the fun of riding, its lightness and compactness.

Ride outside the box…

Photography: Georgi Petev

How a Halfbike is Born

We believe in local manufacturing and all Halfbikes are hand made in our workshop. Most team members, from the designers to the ones that are producing Halfbikes, are keen cyclists. We know what a good Halfbike needs to feel like and how to make one. So, if you’re imagining regular factory workers on an assembly line, think again. Our one man assembly process is key for the quality of each Halfbike. Every single bike is delivered completely tuned up and tested as all components are not just attached to the frame but assembled by a person who cares. So basically every mechanic guarantees with his name for the quality of his work. Although one man assembly is a time consuming process, we’re proud that we’re building our bikes this way. We emphasize on the clear and minimalistic design and optimized details and this is our way to ensure that you receive the best Halfbike possible!

Тhe majority of the components are produced in our workshop thus allowing us greater flexibility and control over the whole process. Furthermore this makes us less dependent on suppliers and subcontractors which is always welcome when it comes to quality control. The frames, handlebars and trucks are produced by skilled workers using premium quality materials. The combination of CAD/CAM technology with hand craftsmanship ensures that we have what it takes to make a great product.



Colors: The Halfbike comes in five different color combinations. Black (all black), White (white frame and natural color handlebar), Pink (pink frame and black handlebar), Lime ( green frame and black handlebar) and Mint (blue frame and black handlebar)

Sizes: Three sizes are available. Depending on the rider’s height we recommend:
Size S – for people between 150 and 165 cm tall (4’11” to 5’5”)
Size M – for people between 165 and 183 cm tall (5’5” to 6’0”)
Size L – for people between 183 and 193 cm tall (6’0” to 6’4”)

Weight: The Halfbike is recommended to people weighing up to 95kg/210lbs.

Frame: The frame is laser cut and made of aerospace grade aluminum. This makes it light and yet strong enough to endure years of riding. Once we have the frames ready we send them to a paint shop where they’re powder coated. The paints that we use are from the automobile industry so durability is guaranteed.

Truck: We went to great lengths to design and test one that fits the Halfbike like a glove. At first we used a standard mountainboard truck for the job but despite choosing one of the best trucks available on the market it’s limitations soon became obvious. So now we have one of our own design that functions much better and has an integrated brake system.

Handlebar: We use good quality water resistant birch plywood for the handlebar. It’s lighter compared to aluminum plus it gives a nice flex to the handlebar that in our opinion improves the ride. We’ve also developed a special technology to impregnate all plywood pieces to ensure they stay intact rain or shine.


Gears: Hub with three internal gears by Sturmey Archer – a prime European manufacturer with over a century of experience in making internal gear hubs. We’re confident that this is one of the best hubs on the market and will endure years of use with practically no maintenance whatsoever.

Crankset and pedals: The crank is made of aluminum, has a hollow axle and is used primarily for downhill bikes. In combination with high end pedals and a custom bottom bracket that we’ve developed to meet the greater stress endured by a Halfbike makes for a rigid and reliable system.

Tires: Both tires and tubes are supplied by Schwalbe – yet another well renowned European manufacturer.

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