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You are the power
Full-body workout
Low-impact training
Cardio beyond comparison
Upright body posture
Unique balance training
Compact and foldable
Each time we go out, my heart and body get stronger, my mind gets a needed rest and reset from work pressures, and I’m able to attain a level of life balance and well-being that make me feel two decades younger!
Enrique D. - Fullerton, CA, USA
I love my halfbike, what a workout. I love the way it moves, the way it adjusts to the road, I love the freedom, but best of all I love people's reactions to this unique and beautiful machine.
Mathew L. - Mungo, NSW, Australia
It’s really challenging to learn this Halfbike especially as an amputee like me. I like the challenge, the compactness, the ski turns and what it does to your body. It’s my exercise and fun bike. It’s a new skill to learn.
Migs B. - Cedar Park, TX, USA
For me riding the Halfbike is the perfect sport! Why? It’s a full body workout! It’s like running, cycling and skiing at the same time.
Holger G. - Berlin, Germany
HB3 is a sport tool which is helping me to train both for running and cycling. I really appreciate that initially I was stimulated by the challenge represented by the famous "learning curve" and now, after one month of intensive use, I'm really having a lot of fun
Paolo S. - Firenze, Italy
I can say one - this is an amazing vehicle :) I am active person. I have trained for 9 years. I like running and cycling. The halfbike is great connection of these activities.
Justyna P. - Wroclaw, Poland
It is a gym on wheels. You do sports in a fun way and burning calories without endangering your joints.
Carlos S - Mislata, Spain
The city is your playground
Customize it the way you like and leave the rest to us. Before you know it, you’ll be geared up for an awesome adventure!
We work directly with you, our customer. Leaving out the middleman allows us to keep our business fair and our prices low.
As both the inventor and the manufacturer of Halfbike, we understand all its bits and pieces best, and can assist most effectively, no matter what the issue is.
Our 100% quality promise! We are the people who made your Halfbike and keeping it at its best at all times is a top priority for us.
Halfbike is a premium quality product made by hand, with high-quality materials and components in our own workshop. Each bike is individually set up and inspected before shipping.
No matter which part of the world you are from, DHL will deliver your Halfbike at your doorstep quickly and in perfect condition.
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