(halfbiker) 10 months ago
I was not told that I was going to wait for the 1000km to do a review. I received it in the 1st day of April. I wanted a product that would allow me to do cardio, run and bike. It was with the Halfbike that I found the right compromise. Depending on the required effort, I adapt my course; slightly hilly for playing cardio, flat for cycling. I made some mimic additions to have a driving style more suited to the way I ride it. Slightly wider and longer pedals, with a flat, grippy surface. I lengthened the handlebars in order to put handles with horns to facilitate the use as a dancer in the climbs After 1000 km, I re-stretched the chain and check that the elements were still tight.
(halfbiker) 10 months ago
My halfbike
(halfbiker) 10 months ago
my tip for not very smooth roads
9 months ago
Hi Stephane, I am thinking of buying a model 2 , and using it on bridle paths , would it be suitable do you think thanks Dave
(halfbiker) 9 months ago
Hello Dave, I have model 3, Riding on paths is not really obvious, moreover I do not. I'm not really sure the Model 2 can do this. Stephane
9 months ago
No problem thanks
(ambassador) 2 months ago
Hi Stephane, What process did you use to stretch the chain? Was this to tighten it because it was starting to droop some? Thanks, Paul
(halfbiker) 2 months ago
Hi Paul, Watch tutorial for tire replacement, it shows how to tighten the chain for reassembly. halfbikes.com/halfbike-3-front-tire-replacement Regards, Stéphane
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