3 years ago
The website says 210lbs weight limit, Im in the 240's. Anybody tested the limit like I would be ?
(halfbiker) 3 years ago
Hi Billy, I'm around 220-230 and I've been riding for about 6-7 months without any troubles :)
3 years ago
As a 230 pound man, I'm curious about this as well. I'm a little reluctant to buy a $600 device if I'm going to risk breaking it unless I lose 20 pounds before I start using it.
(admin) 3 years ago
Hi Brandy, We can't guarantee that you won't experience any problems. We've set the maximum rider weight at 210lbs. However, we've had riders that go up to 220lbs., without a problem
3 years ago
I am 270 lbs will I have trouble ?
(admin) 3 years ago
Hi Joseph, We can't guarantee that you won't experience any problems. We do have heavier riders, but we've set the maximumrider weight at 210lbs.
3 years ago
You realize this is a large-niche (pun alert) opportunity, right? "Halfbike Max" or some such - built for heavier/taller/wilder riders and those who truly thrash on rough terrain. Thicker frame stock, heavier spokes, maybe a dual truck rig in the back and off you go.
2 years ago
For those of us pushing the weight limit, what are the things we ought to look out for? Like, stress fractures in frame?, wheel strength?, etc.? So, things to look out for to make sure we are safe on the bike, and that any part of the bike won't brake, or could be in danger of being stressed too much.
(halfbiker) 2 years ago
Hi Michael, That counts for everybody, but you should always check the frame for possible cracks and unusual noises.
1 year ago
Same question here -- I think this is exactly the kind of workout I need, but I'm 242 (post pandemic lol!) Concerned about purchasing - any higher weights for Halfbike 3 or ideas for a Halfbike Max coming?? Any more larger users since the last post a year ago?
(halfbiker) 1 year ago
@Genaire W. We haven't progressed much with the XL version, Genaire, I am sorry! We know there are many people looking forward to its release and we do hope we will develop the project and come up with a solution in the future. But it's still work in progress and definitely not something we'll be able to complete the following months. We'll keep you posted. :)
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