(admin) 3 years ago
Yes, the Halfbike 3 has a front wheel brake and can now stop on a dime! The new integrated drum brakes are pretty much maintenance free and the performance will stay consistent with time, and in all weather conditions. The brakes on the Halfbike 2 are integrated into the truck and operate the rear wheels. They’re effective to control your speed. However the brakes won’t be able to stop you suddenly like on a bicycle for example.
2 years ago
Do you have any stopping distances? for example 2 metres at 5 kms and hour or 2.8 m at 10 kms an hour.
(admin) 2 years ago
Hi Jake, If an average person rides roughly with 20km/h the stopping distance would be around 7-8 meters. Hope that helps :)
(ambassador) 2 years ago
This video illustrates the braking distance for Halfbike 3 when you ride with 25 km/h halfbikes.com/braking-with-halfbike-3
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