(ambassador) 5 months ago
I'm finally deciding to sell my 2nd Halfbike (yes, I have two of them :) After much internal debate I'm letting my Small size Halfbike go. I thought I'd convince my girlfriend to ride with me but no such luck. It's in great shape (I didn't ride it very much) and recently tuned and cleaned it nicely. Test rides welcomed before buying, of course. Cheers
(ambassador) 5 months ago
Price is $300
3 weeks ago
Hello, I’d love to buy your HalfBike! I tried to reach out to you via eBay, but I know sometimes those messages get lost in the shuffle so I thought i’d reach out to you here. If you’d still like to sell it, let me know when it’s convenient to meet. Thanks, looking forward to your reply. Joel M.
(ambassador) 3 weeks ago
Hey Joel, I got your message on eBay and already replied but I'll paste that message here, too, just in case: Unfortunately, the fenders aren't included as I've switched them over to my other Halfbike, sorry! If you end up buying mine, I do highly recommend getting the fenders. Oddly, though, I never really ride in the rain so they only come in handy with puddles, etc. but that's exactly why I like them - for those unexpected little splashes. I could meet later today if you're interested and now that you've messaged me here, I know you've checked out the website and understand there's a learning curve to ride... Once you're past that curve, though, it's a lot of fun! Also, to be clear, it's a size Small which means it's best suited for someone 5'7" (or so) and shorter. If that's you, perfect! I can accept cash, venmo, paypal, chase quick pay, apple pay, etc. but had preferred not to do it through eBay because I had someone try to buy it before but then cancelled once they arrived and did a test ride... so I had to go through the refund process on eBay. I'm on the upper west side near the corner of 102nd street and Broadway. If that's do-able for you, let me know and we'll arrange a time. you can drop me a private message here. Cheers.
(ambassador) 2 weeks ago
The bike is sold. It has a new home and we're growing the community of Halfbikers here in NYC!
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