(halfbiker) 8 months ago
Hello-- I am enjoying learning how to ride my Halfbike 3! I have noticed that at some speed, maybe around 12-15 mph, the rear trucks start to wobble considerably. How do I eliminate this? During assembly I observed that there is no washer between the wheel and end of the axle assembly. Would putting a washer in between help? Thanks in advance-- Sriram
(halfbiker) 7 months ago
Hi Sriram, Some wobble can be normal for the Halfbike after a certain speed - with practice you'll get better at controling it. However you can definitely minimize it by making sure both tires have equal pressure. Also, If the silver nut is not screwed on properly your tires might wobble. Tighten carefully, as overdoing it can lock the bearings thus preventing the tires' free rotation. We suggest that you tighten the nut well at 1st - until it starts to block the wheel and then make a quarter revolution backwards to loosen it slightly.
(halfbiker) 3 months ago
Siram, The wobble is due to uneven weight distribution. When you feel the wobble shift your body weight toward the back wheels, but just slightly. You want to try to keep your pelvis over the crank.
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