3 months ago
I've been skiing and cycling for most of my life. I also had the chance to ride a Segway once and liked it a lot, because the way you steer it by shifting your weight felt a lot like skiing. So the halfbike looks like it might be a very interesting combination of all three. My main concern, can I ride it on the street in Germany? Has anybody any experince with this? As far as I was able to figure out, this might be treated as a bicycle and as such it has to abide to some rules: - A second brake. It was mentioned in the kickstarter, that this would be an option, but I can't find it in the store. - A bell. This was also mentioned in the kickstarter and I can find an option for a bell in the store via Google, but it does not appear in the official list. (Sold out?) - A white reflector at the front and a red reflector at the back. That should be possible to do. Any good suggestions? - Reflectors in all the wheels. Easy to do for the front wheel. What about the tiny back wheels? - Also, a light in the front and back after dark. Again, there are options. Are there any halfbikers from Germany here? Or from other countries with similar regulations?
(ambassador) 2 months ago
Hallo Peter, ja, es gibt Halfbiker in Deutschland! Hier in Berlin habe ich aber allerdings auch noch keinen weiteren getroffen! Ich bin auch auf Instagram, dort findest du mich unter halfbiker_berlin Viele Grüße Holger
2 months ago
Hallo, hast du dein Halfbike straßentauglich gemacht? Falls ja, wie? Bei Insta bin ich leider nicht. Viele Grüße aus dem köllner Umland, Peter
(ambassador) 2 months ago
Hallo, nee, nicht wirklich!
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