When it comes to distances, people who are just starting up will most probably take it slow and small. However, as you get more comfortable and confident on the bike, you will be able to ride as much and as far as you like. We've received numerous reports of people riding their Halfbikes for dozens, even hundreds of kilometres/miles at a time. So, it all comes down to one's desires and motivation.
(halfbiker) 5 years ago
I ride dozens of miles at a time, sometimes over 100. Yes, it's suitable for long distances. The total lack of discomfort as compared to an upright bike make it even more suitable, in my opinion. The natural posture and movement leave me tired and satisfied but never thrashed/sore/in-pain at the end of the day.
(ambassador) 5 years ago
Respect :)
2 years ago
Can females ride the half bike too? Depending on ‘her’ state of mind that is.
(halfbiker) 2 years ago
I assume so. Why not? Maybe not if you’re in Saudi Arabia, but that’s a legal restriction. You mean a physical restriction, yeah?
(halfbiker) 2 years ago
Hi Elena, You can surely learn to ride one, all it takes is patience and practice. If you're interested in a test-ride, you can check on our map for ambassadors close to you and contact them directly www.halfbikes.com/playground Also, here you can learn more about what you can expect from the learning curve www.halfbikes.com/learning