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perfect tutorial, thanks
(ambassador) 9 months ago
The instructional video is for mounting fenders on a Halfbike2. Mounting fenders on a Halfbike3 is much more of a challenge because there is not enough space where are the hex end wrench to turn the inner bolt. Any suggestions short of dismantling the truck?
(halfbiker) 9 months ago
Hi Dean, The inner bolt is tricky indeed. What you can try is use the tools the other way around, at least for me this worked better. Fix the head of the bolt with the hex key and tighten the nut with the tiny custom made wrench. Just be careful as the wrench might scratch the truck. We will shoot and post a tutorial shortly, thanks for the note!
(ambassador) 9 months ago
Thanks for the suggestion Irina. I figured out my issue. I needed to tighten the bolts to the fender arm first, put the fender in place and then tighten the nuts on the bottom. The fender instructions were not very clear. I used an adjustable wrench because the little tool is not as effective. Both tools caused some scratches, but my adjustable wrench caused less.
(halfbiker) 9 months ago
Thanks for the feedback, Dean! It is indeed easier when you tighten the bolts on the arm in advance. We will have all this in mind when making the tutorial. :)
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