Black Friday
Our best Black Friday offer to date. This year we’re not taking part in the Black Friday shopping frenzy. Yet simply saying that we don’t believe in Black Friday does not hold much on its own. This is why we’d like to use the opportunity and tell you what we do believe in: • Most of all, we truly believe that the Halfbike is a tiny step towards a better world for us all. That is what has been driving us since day one. Seeing how the Halfbike family grows and receiving all your great feedback has been a constant source of inspiration. You guys help us stay on track and get further, further than we ever thought possible. • We believe in sustainable local manufacturing and fair trade. The Halfbike is a premium quality product that is handmade in Europe using only the best components and materials. Made in our own workshop by a small and dedicated team, comprised of people who care about the product, people who we call our friends. • We believe that we can hack the system and work directly with you. This allows us to do two key things. There are no middlemen involved in the process which helps us keep the price lower, this way you can receive a better Halfbike and ultimately pay less. Plus, this allows us to stay in touch with each and every customer, and ensure that he’s enjoying his Halfbike to the fullest. And lets not forget about our Black Friday deal, if you can even call it that: If you decide to get a Halfbike today we’ll still ask for the regular price. On top of that, we’ll plant 10 trees for each order that we receive by the end of the month. Thus, creating our tiny little Halfbike Grove that we hope will grow larger and stronger each year. As a bonus we promise pictures of us planting the actual trees :) Thank you! Martin and Mihail
We launched a new forum
The Halfbike project has come a long way and today we want to celebrate a special day. Ever since thousands of Halfbikes started their journey around the globe we dreamt of a platform where we could all share our love for the Halfbike and finally get connected. And because we know how very important it is to find someone to share a ride with, today we present you the Halfbike Community. Join us today and get access to your personal Halfbike dashboard. We’d like to highlight some of the cool features that you’ll have access to: My Playground: Pin your favorite riding spot on the map. Make your pin public to discover and be discovered by other Halfbikers in your area, now you can finally get in touch and share a ride. Referral Program: Get your personal referral code and share it with friends to give them one more reason to join the Halfbike adventure. It’s a win-win, more info about the program here Community Forum: Browse through the brand new Halfbike forum. Meet our Ambassadors and a bunch of enthusiastic halfbikers to share your thoughts and experience with Our adventure is real and authentically cool because of you. And now have the means to connect. Take care and dream on! Love, The Halfbike team
Halfbike, Sirtaki, Ouzo ... [New Video]
New sport in town #5 (video)
Halfbike vs Rowing
Born to Move
Our bodies are made to Move! Sad but true, there is a lot of staring at screens and almost no physical activities in our daily routine. We’re on a mission to make more people aware of the problem and have them think for a moment what they are doing for their bodies. Yes, our heads are important and yet, the head is just one part of the larger whole that is the human body - a perfectly harmonious system. Please join our cause and help us spread the word to make a greater impact altogether! Enjoy, share and do ten squats! :)
3 years since the Kickstarter campaign
Three years ago on this very day the Halfbike became the most successful mobility project on Kickstarter to date. And you’re the ones that made this happen. The months that followed were among the most exciting in our lives and by the end of summer the first Halfbikes started to leave the workshop on their way to eager backers from each corner of the world. The Halfbike continued its evolution ever since and we had the privilege to travel a lot, meet great people along the way and work together to bring the project to life. During all this time our greatest source of joy and motivation still is the positive feedback that we receive from happy halfbikers. We hope that your levels of enthusiasm are still as high as during the original campaign. We’ll be very happy to keep in touch so anyone of you is always welcome to say hi and drop a line :) Stay inspired :) Martin, Mihail and the Halfbike Team
Earth Day 2018
Halfbike in Space
Pushing the frontiers! The first Halfbike was successfully launched in space today! Starman, here we come!
Spring is here (video)
Spring is finally here :) Happy riding everyone and thank you for being part of the Halfbike community!
New sport in town #4 (video)
When our cameraman and one of the best drone pilots Marin Kafejiiski takes a halfbike for a spin :)
Unleash the Ninja
Unleash the Ninja...
Halfbike to work (video)
Halfbike at ISPO Munich
We’re making a Halfbike test ride in Munich. This Friday (29.01.2016) from 14:00 until 16:00 we’ll be at Olympiaturm in Olympiapark. We were exhibiting at ISPO Munich earlier this week and will stay in town for a couple more days. Anyone that is interested to try is most welcome. The Inventor of the Halfbike will be there as well as our chief test rider so you'll have the chance to take lessons from the source smile emoticon We have also invited everyone from Munich that has already received his Halfbike, so you’ll be able to meet people that are already using it to move around town. See you there tomorrow :) The Halfbike Team
Halfbike at Design Museum London
We're proud to announce that a Halfbike is on display at Design Museum's Cycle Revolution exhibition. So anyone from London that likes to see it in a fancy company can do so in the next few months. Enjoy it! More about the exhibition...
Red Dot Design Award
We're very pleased to announce that Halfbike II won Red Dot Design Award for Mobility :) WooHoo!
The most funded vehicle on Kickstarter
2,416 backers just made Halfbike the most funded vehicle on Kickstarter ever! Thank you for your overwhelming support and trust! We're really proud with the community that was born around the project! Even in our wildest dreams we never thought that the campaign may be such a success. The next few months will certainly be very busy and full of challenges but we’re confident that with your support we can make it happen. We’ll do our best so you could have the best Halfbike imaginable and receive it as soon as possible. Thank you all for joining us on this journey and for that mighty kick!
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