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(halfbiker) 2 years ago
I'm really happy with my new Halfbike 2. It is not a full replacement for my bicycle, but it is a fun alternative, and certainly works for my 3 mile commute. It is great that it folds up and fits in the back seat or trunk of a small car. It is definitely a better workout than riding my bike. I love that it has some upper body workout as well as just the legs. My main disappointment is that the medium size was too small for me (I am 6 foot 1 inches). I followed the guidelines on the website which put me solidly into the medium size. Halfbike was willing to send me a replacement large handlebar, which I appreciated, but had me pay $50 for it. The larger size is definitely more comfortable for me to use. I also think the handlebars should be wider (maybe already done on the Halfbike 3, just as I think the brakes are better on the Halfbike 3).
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