Charles T. - SG
Really excited to unpack and build my yellow Halfbike. The joy was quickly muted as one set of the rear wheel bearings was missing. The support from Halfbike was OK, honestly I expected more. Once I purchased the bearings from a local supplier, I was ready to go. Everything you've read and seen about adoption is correct. Up and running was a matter of minutes, control, an ongoing process. I've had a couple of tumbles. Only in the last 2 weeks have I really invested the hours. The longest ride is just shy of 18km. Within the next 3 weeks I hope 50km is achievable. The bike is a lot of fun. The learning trajectory is steep, not sure when it will plateau. Each ride incremental confidence is gained, boundaries pushed and new ones created. To anyone buying, a few suggestions. The Halfbike arrives in a box which requires you to construct it. The process is simple with some amazing supporting videos. After a few rides asses the situation. My bike was creaking and not performing in an optimal state. I took the bike apart, degreased, added new grease, WD40, a thorough clean and changed the torque on some of the bolts. The impact was significant, so I would really advise that process. The other change I made, the pedals. Remember, you're 100% on your feet. You need a comfy platform. I bought the Moto pedals mentioned in a number of blogs and are really comfortable. Finally, BUY THE BELL. You'll need it. It comes in handy especially as you're learning and pedestrian near misses are a common occurrence. Ride safe and ALWAYS wear a helmet.
2 years ago
Several years ago I saw a halfbike and fell in love with it from very first look. It took around 3 years to meet it though (due to its cost). It is even more exciting to ride it then I expected. It is faster then I expected (average speed is around 21 km/h for me). I live in Vilnius is nor too flat nor too hilly, but the range of speed the hub covers is perfect. It is very compact and fits well in tailored bag. It is important to note that good ground is important to ride halfbike, thus mountain biking, downhill rides or trips though wild growth are pretty much impossible. Another possible issue is maintenance of it. Since it contains a lot of nonstandard components, it can be difficult to fix it in local bicycle stores. The company provides guarantee for 1 year, but I am not really happy with prospects of fixing it afterwards. I bought all available accessories. See by light set - very happy with functionality, mounting and strength of it. Fenders - quite useless, the design is nice to look, but functionality is missing. A lot of water is splashed straight to the heels. Front fenders tend to fall off. Halfbike bag - product is nice, but for the price it cost I missed an option to bring it in some comfortable way while cycling. Now I cant really comfortably bring it and ride a halfbike. Liquid sealant - didn`t have any holes in tires so I guess it works. Reflectors - they are fine, mounting felt weird though. Overall, I am happy with product and very excited to ride it. Even though it is not the most effective way of transportation, joy more than compensates that. I would not recommend other accessories than light set though.
2 years ago
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