I am not sure which size, M or L, to choose when ordering. How can I be sure?
4 years ago
I'm not sure weather I should choose medium or large when ordering. How can I tell which size is right?
(halfbiker) 4 years ago
Hi David, The Halfbike 2's sizes depend on your height: If you're between 5'3'' / 160cm to 6'2'' /186 cm you should get a size M. If you're between 6'2'' / 187 to 6'5'' /195 you should get a size L The Halfbike 3's sizes also depend on on your height, but the system will choose the appropriate size after you enter your height. We may occasionally ask for one more measurement. Let me know if I can help with anything else.
1 year ago
Hi, if the halfbike 3 was purchased based on 178cm height, can someone of 167cm be able to ride on it comfortably?
(halfbiker) 1 year ago
HI Chua, Yes, definitely you should be able to ride it without any troubles. Still you can take your h-t-f measurement so we're sure. You can follow this tutorial here halfbikes.com/handtofeet
1 year ago
My h-t-f measurement is about 80cm. So I can still ride on a bike that was ordered based on 178cm height?
(halfbiker) 1 year ago
Oh yeah definitely :) This means you're great for a Halfbike size M, the same as for 178 height.
1 year ago
Thanks a lot!!
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