(halfbiker) 1 year ago
I have 225 miles now on my new Halfbike 3 and after my last ride I found a spoke that broke just above the thread inside of it’s nipple. I don’t have experience with replacing spokes or truing wheels so I’m going to take it to my local bike shop for the repair. Is there a wheel or spoke make/model or part number that I should tell the bike store when I go in to get it fixed? Another question - What kind of sealant do you put in the tubes? I got a few big thorns in the area I was riding most recently and surprisingly it sealed up the punctures quite well no problem.
1 year ago
Hi Taylor, we'll need to send you replacement spokes, as you'll have difficulties finding this size in a bike shop. They're much shorter compared to the common sizes used on a conventional bicycle. Please drop a line to our support team and they'll assist you. As to the sealant, we use NRG bike green sealant. It's an industrial grade sealant manufactures in Italy by stacplastic.com. The sealant is actually really good, but finding it in stores would be difficult :( This is why we offer it in our online shop.
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