Halfbike is a great exercise tool that keeps one's mind and body in shape. It trains balance, reflexes, and endurance in ways gentle to the back and the joints. Learning to ride one, however, is in itself another unique experience. You might find some bits of the process similar to other sports, but it is essentially unlike anything you have tried before. So, free yourself of any expectations, and give your brain and body time to adapt to the new movements. Most people learn to ride in a straight line in about 15-20 minutes. From then on, riding starts to feel less like a struggle, and in a week or so is when the real fun begins. Mastering Halfbike doesn't happen overnight, you see. Developing that set of skills needs more time and practice. Yet, the ever-present sense of accomplishment is one mighty motivator, so before you know it, you'll be on the positive side of the curve. Over the past few years, after many test rides and observations, we have learned that when it comes to Halfbike, there are no shortcuts from beginner to pro. And it took us a while, but we found the pattern valid for most people on their learning journey. The graphic below illustrates the main phases riders usually go through. Enjoy!

OMG, my Halfbike arrived! Let’s go out and ride

WTF, it looked so easy...

I cannot do this.

This is crazy but it is not going to beat me!!!

Yeah, I can ride in a straight line!

Hold on, I'm actually riding it! I can do a controlled turn!

Wow, look at me! I have mastered it!

So is this it?

It works so much better if I get my mind to relax.

Practice makes me perfect! The more, the better!

I think that I’m becoming addicted to my Halfbike.

Offcially a Halfbike Pro now!


If you have a box full of Halfbike components in your hands, get ready for the next step. We highly recommend watching the video below in advance. It will help you put all the pieces together in the easiest way possible and assemble your Halfbike properly. Follow the video's guidelines and the steps in the written assembly manual that you'll find in the box (also available here).


Good job on the assembly! Now, take a moment and try to remember what it felt like the first time you rode a bicycle and all the excitement from trying something new. You are in for a treat! However, do not forget to ride safely and always use personal protective equipment, including a helmet. But most importantly — enjoy your new Halfbike :) And to make the learning process smooth and more enjoyable, here are a few handy tips: • Find an open and flat area with a smooth pavement; • Relax your hands on the handlebar, don’t squeeze too hard, as it will not give you extra stability. Put one foot on the corresponding pedal, and push with the other to get some speed; • Your first goal is to find your balance and ride in a straight line, leave turns for later; • Look ahead and not down. That will significantly improve your balance; • Give yourself time to adapt to the new movements, and do not forget to have fun!; • Relax and try to let go of control; • If you start to lose your balance, let go of the Halfbike and try to step/jump to the side; • Be cautious for your own safety and the safety of those around you; • Try shifting your body weight backwards while braking; this will soon become intuitive; • Remember, all you need is a bit of determination, a positive attitude, and — practice, practice, practice. Before you know it, you'll have a blast!


Check your Halfbike weekly to ensure all nuts and bolts are fastened securely. That includes the ones on the truck and the QRs on the handlebar. Keep the tires well-inflated; we recommend a tire pressure of 3.5 bars/50 psi for all three tires. That will make the ride easy and more еnjoyable. Keep the chain clean and well-lubricated, as you would do on a standard bicycle. The same applies to all other moving parts. Some basic cleaning will increase their lifetime.

Community Tools

Let us introduce the community tools and all the ways to stay connected, for it is always more fun to share the ride. To explore them, head directly to Stories on our website, where you can read a selection of inspiring Halfbike stories from all over the world. And if you feel like it, share yours. Getting to know more about the people behind Halfbike has always been an absolute joy! There, you will also find numerous independent and detailed reviews. You can also check your Playground; see if there are other Halfbike riders around you and get in touch if you wish to share a ride. Browse the Halfbike Forum for a solid database of know-how, tips, tutorials, answers to all the FAQs, and much more. You can, for example, find fellow Halfbike riders and members of the local Halfbike club or start a brand new one. The Halfbike Club in Strava is for everyone keen to track and share more about their rides and achievements. And for those who are excited to spread the Halfbike magic locally, there is the Halfbike Ambassador Program. It opens up a whole other realm of possibilities, and you are most welcome to join in. Contact us if you like to further engage with the project and become part of our Ambassador fleet. You will unlock all the functionalities of the Halfbike community by creating a profile. It will give you access to your personal dashboard, where you'll be able to specify your playground, view your unique promo code and referral link (if any), send messages to other Halfbike riders, and keep track of all your conversations.

Accessories and Spare Parts

Another thing we constantly work on is the Halfbike accessories. So, if you are in search of the perfect lights, fenders or bell, a travel bag or a Halfbike t-shirt, replacement tires or any other Halfbike-specific part, browse our selection in the Accessories Section. If what you need is not there, feel free to contact us.


If at some point you need advice or support, head to the Halfbike Forum and get some know-how from other members of the family. We, too, will be only an email away at support@halfbikes.com. So, don't be shy, say Hi, and a team member will respond as soon as possible. :) Okay, enough reading. Time for a ride! :)