(halfbiker) 10 months ago
Welcome to Halfbike community in Singapore. I am expecting my Halfbike 3 between mid to end of August. If you want to try out the Halfbike in Singapore, just contact me. We can meetup for a chat and ride around session. Everyone is welcome to share your thoughts and questions. Cheers.
8 months ago
Hi! Just got my halfbike 3 also.. Very fun to ride, I was thinking if there's any good pedal out there in Sg with a bigger surface area though
(halfbiker) 8 months ago
The was a discussion about the Pedal Innocation's Catalyst pedal. You can check it down this thread > halfbikes.com/pimp-my-halfbike
(halfbiker) 8 months ago
Hi Gideon, That’s great. I’m still waiting for mine. Lol. Let’s meet up when I received my halfbike 3.
8 months ago
@Kee Tong Yeah sure man, I wasn't careful and fell down at q a high speed.. lol, can't ride for a week or so. Maybe we can make a telegram group for SG riders? I saw the catalyst pedal, but I might wanna try clipless pedals, I find the pedal slips from my foot alot when I pedal
(halfbiker) 7 months ago
@Gideon, I just had my 1st ride over the weekend and it feels great. I had been riding a standing bike for a few years so is relatively easy for me to start pedaling. Both bike looks similar, however they are very different in contruction and ride feel. Hope you have recovered. I think we should keep the SG group chat public to encourage everyone to join us.
7 months ago
Great to hear! Yeah I'm better, have still been struggling to ride after about 6 hours of training over past 3 weeks. It's hard to get used to the standing experience and I fear falling but it's feels great. I got the catalyst pedals and bigger handlebars, helps alot lol. Yeah man, let's meet up next time and ride tgt!
3 months ago
Hi, looking for some fun equipment that can provide full body exercise. Stumble upon HB website. Considering to purchase one. Not sure HB2 or HB3 is suitable for beginners like me? Any recommendation from the extg rider? "-)
(halfbiker) 3 months ago
Hey Tesa, With both Halfbikes you'll need some time to learn to ride and get used to them. When designing the Halfbike 3 we took all the feedback we had from HB2 so it's better in every way. Here you can see a side by side comparison of the two models www.halfbikes.com/compare
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