Taylor W. - US
I bought my Halfbike in August 2020 after seeing it reviewed by the Youtuber Seth of Berm Peak, which I follow. Cycling is my exercise of choice and I love riding trails on my mountain bike. My job is to pilot a small corporate jet, and I had been thinking about getting a folding bike that could fit in the cargo compartment so I could do some riding while on the job. Corporate pilots spend a lot of time waiting at the destinations. I have over 400 miles on my Halfbike now and I am very happy I got it. It was a fun challenge to learn how to ride it. And not just the basics but to get good at riding it fast, and riding it over uneven road surfaces, and confident enough on it to ride on a road with traffic. I like the change of pace of the upright riding posture, and you get a good core workout on it which is lacking on an ordinary bike. The Halfbike has its limitations. It is very difficult to ride on gravel/dirt roads that are not graded smooth and hard packed. On climbs of around 10% gradient or more it seems the geometry of it makes it impossible to continue riding. It is also on average slower than an ordinary bike. On a recent trip we flew to the Grand Canyon National Park airport. The Halfbike easily goes in the cargo compartment even with all the passenger’s luggage. There was no car rentals or shuttle available to go up the 7 miles to the canyon rim. I took the Halfbike to the canyon, along the rim road, and back again. It was a spectacular ride!
6 months ago
Volker S. - DE
6 Month halfbike from November 2020 to May 2021. My name is Volker, I am 52 years old. I bought the halfbike for short rides of 3-5 km to train stations in Hamburg and Bremen. Transport in Metro and train is very easy and the halfbike fulfilles its purpose. Since the ride is fun and real exercise, I am using it much more than planned. I did about 2.000 km in 1st half year and use the halfbike several times per week. A very positive surprise is the option to ride in complete darkness as an after office workout. On a good quality cycle path it feels save enough. I ride for 10-20 km at about 20 km/h. This is a nice alternative to jogging or indoor workout. Also I do regular trips between 20 km to 50 km with my wife on an e-bike. Normally we struggle to cycle together since I prefer to go faster than she. With the halfbike it is fun to go together. Trips > 40 km distance are getting tough form me. We also go through forrests, when the path is not too bad. With some experience it works fine. The only limit are steep climbs. A hill gets tough at 3-5% incline. At 6-8% I don't manage to go uphill. Also downhill has limits. At > 30 km/h I start to feel unsave. 35 km/h is the max. speed I dare to go. A perfect fit for the halfbike a short trips in the city. A ride to the office, to a shop or a pub are just fun. Already 2 or 3 km are a little workout. And there is tons of positive feedback from people I meet. There is several persons who asked where they could buy a halfbike. Overall the halfbike was my best buy in 2020 and it enriches my sportive activities.
6 months ago
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