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GB : Hello to halfbike 3 users After driving about ten kilometers with the halfbike 2 & 3 Here is my impression on these 2 very beautiful bikes : Halfbike 3, has a first-class manufacturing and assembly quality. It is a work of high quality, which leaves me really admiring. The halfbike 2 is a technician's bike, the halfbike 3 is an engineer's bike. The halfbike 3 is very accomplished, and apart from a twist grip, I don't see what could be better. I’m very proud to ride this bike. On the road, the 2 bikes are very different : The halfbike 2 is very stable, and its use is even relaxing. It is made for long journeys: 30Kms do not pose problems. It turns wide, and its use requires little effort. We feel good on it ! Halfbike 3 is the opposite! It’s a bomb ! He is very nervous, he starts fast, and his balance has to be done constantly. It has an exceptional rolling quality ! On flat ground, or on a small slope, it drives itself ! The 18' wheel and the tyre give a remarkable lightness ! It runs fast. It turns fast. It is very agile. It values the virtuosity of the pilot. We’re driving with halfbike 2. We’re flying Halfbike 3 ! For a beginner, the first contact will be more difficult with halfbike 3. New benchmarks are needed, as it reveals new possibilities that do not appear with halfbike 2. It’s more accurate, and the body has to adapt to this new ability. Halfbike 3 is a circuit and competition bike. It promotes piloting. Halfbike 2 is an everyday bike, stable and pleasant. It would be interesting to mount the rear wheels of halfbike 2 on the halfbike 3. It would surely make it less exclusive, and more stable ! Maybe we were losing driving pleasure. For me halfbike 3 is a real success. You have to raise your own level to enjoy it ! And despite the Coronavirus, it feels good to ride with these excellent bikes ! Bernard Strasbourg France Fr : Bonjour aux utilisateur du halfbike 3 Après avoir roulé une dizaine de kilomètres avec les halfbike 2 & 3 voici mon impression sur ces 2 très beau vélos : Le halfbike 3, a une qualité de fabrication et d’assemblage de premier ordre. C’est un travail de grande qualité, qui me laisse vraiment admiratif. Le halfbike 2 est un vélo de technicien, le halfbike 3 est un vélo d’ingénieur. Le halfbike 3 est très abouti, et à part une poignée tournante, je ne vois pas ce qu’on pourrait faire de mieux. Je suis très fier de rouler sur ce vélo. Sur la route, les 2 vélos sont très différents : Le halfbike 2 est très stable, et son utilisation est même reposante. Il est fait pour les long parcours : 30Kms ne posent pas de problèmes. Il tourne large, et son utilisation demande peu d’efforts. On se sent bien dessus ! Le halfbike 3 est à l’opposé ! C’est une bombe ! Il est très nerveux, il démarre vite, et son équilibre doit se faire en permanence. Il a une qualité de roulement exceptionnelle ! Sur terrain plat, ou en petite pente, il roule tout seul ! La roue de 18’ et le pneumatique donnent une légèreté remarquable ! Il roule vite. Il tourne vite. Il est très agile. Il valorise la virtuosité du pilote. On roule avec le halfbike 2. On pilote le halfbike 3 ! Pour un débutant, le premier contact sera plus difficile avec le halfbike 3. Il faut prendre de nouveaux repères, car il révèle de nouvelles possibilités qui n’apparaissent pas avec le halfbike 2. Il est plus précis, et le corps doit s’adapter à cette nouvelles capacités. Le halfbike 3 est un vélo de circuit et de compétition. Il valorise le pilotage. Le halfbike 2 est un vélo de tous les jours, stable et agréable. Il serait intéressant de monter les roues arrière du halfbike 2 sur le halfbike 3. ça le rendrait sûrement moins exclusif, et plus stable ! On perdait peut-être en agrément de pilotage. Pour moi le halfbike 3 est une vraie réussite. Il faut se augmenter son propre niveau, pour pouvoir en profiter ! Et malgré le CoronaVirus, ça fait du bien de rouler avec ces excellents vélos ! Bernard Strasbourg France
2 years ago
doug h. - CA
I’m totally in love with my halfbike. I was nervous about getting it, because, though I have a dance/Pilates background, I’m 70 years old and wasn’t sure if it would be age appropriate. I’m so glad I didn’t chicken out. As well as several other modalities, I’ve trained in the Franklin Method, which is all about functional movement. We bipeds are the most efficient walkers and are designed (have evolved) to carry our structure vertically with head, pelvis, feet alined. With the Halfbike, one moves in that way; the way the body is designed to move. Before getting my Halfbike, I’d had to stop running because my knees where causing me problems. I started bike riding instead, but unfortunately, it was exacerbating some lower back pain I was having. I started questioning my sitting placement on the bike. With my upper body pitched and waited forward, I was experiencing numbness in my arms. I also questioned my pelvis being locked onto the bike’s seat (and the discomfort that caused). Our pelvis is our structural centre, it has to (or should) articulate internally in order to manage and distribute all the forces that converge from above and below, as we move. This internal movement “pelvic rhythm” facilitates efficient, balanced movement and force absorption. I figured, because the Halfbike is sorta like walking on steroids, and walking is what we bipeds have evolved to do best, that it might manage and distribute the forces between my lower and upper body efficiently enough to allow me to challenge/push my body, without injury. I figured right! I’ve been riding my Halfbike, full tilt boogie, for three months now; it has helped reduce the inflammation in my knees and has resolved my lower back pain. And it’s a hell of a workout! Core, cardio, cognition, coordination, and fun! I must add: I am extremely lucky to live in a place with very little vehicular traffic. This has allowed me the time and space to conquer the considerable learning curve required in acquiring the necessary skills for controlling my Halfbike safely. Having a low traffic place to learn, has been very important. Everyone at Halfbike headquarters have been extremely helpful throughout the ordering process. They have really been delightful and responsive communicators. Thank you Halfbike team! Doug Hamburgh Toronto, Canada
2 years ago
Taylor W. - US
I bought my Halfbike in August 2020 after seeing it reviewed by the Youtuber Seth of Berm Peak, which I follow. Cycling is my exercise of choice and I love riding trails on my mountain bike. My job is to pilot a small corporate jet, and I had been thinking about getting a folding bike that could fit in the cargo compartment so I could do some riding while on the job. Corporate pilots spend a lot of time waiting at the destinations. I have over 400 miles on my Halfbike now and I am very happy I got it. It was a fun challenge to learn how to ride it. And not just the basics but to get good at riding it fast, and riding it over uneven road surfaces, and confident enough on it to ride on a road with traffic. I like the change of pace of the upright riding posture, and you get a good core workout on it which is lacking on an ordinary bike. The Halfbike has its limitations. It is very difficult to ride on gravel/dirt roads that are not graded smooth and hard packed. On climbs of around 10% gradient or more it seems the geometry of it makes it impossible to continue riding. It is also on average slower than an ordinary bike. On a recent trip we flew to the Grand Canyon National Park airport. The Halfbike easily goes in the cargo compartment even with all the passenger’s luggage. There was no car rentals or shuttle available to go up the 7 miles to the canyon rim. I took the Halfbike to the canyon, along the rim road, and back again. It was a spectacular ride!
2 years ago
Volker S. - DE
6 Month halfbike from November 2020 to May 2021. My name is Volker, I am 52 years old. I bought the halfbike for short rides of 3-5 km to train stations in Hamburg and Bremen. Transport in Metro and train is very easy and the halfbike fulfilles its purpose. Since the ride is fun and real exercise, I am using it much more than planned. I did about 2.000 km in 1st half year and use the halfbike several times per week. A very positive surprise is the option to ride in complete darkness as an after office workout. On a good quality cycle path it feels save enough. I ride for 10-20 km at about 20 km/h. This is a nice alternative to jogging or indoor workout. Also I do regular trips between 20 km to 50 km with my wife on an e-bike. Normally we struggle to cycle together since I prefer to go faster than she. With the halfbike it is fun to go together. Trips > 40 km distance are getting tough form me. We also go through forrests, when the path is not too bad. With some experience it works fine. The only limit are steep climbs. A hill gets tough at 3-5% incline. At 6-8% I don't manage to go uphill. Also downhill has limits. At > 30 km/h I start to feel unsave. 35 km/h is the max. speed I dare to go. A perfect fit for the halfbike a short trips in the city. A ride to the office, to a shop or a pub are just fun. Already 2 or 3 km are a little workout. And there is tons of positive feedback from people I meet. There is several persons who asked where they could buy a halfbike. Overall the halfbike was my best buy in 2020 and it enriches my sportive activities.
2 years ago
Halfbike, particolare mezzo di trasporto comprensibile già dal nome si tratta di una bicicletta, ma ben diversa da quelle tradizionali; una particolare “bicicletta a metà”, a 3 ruote, curiosa, ma certamente utile per fare degli ottimi esercizi all’aria aperta. Questa strana 3 ruote, metà bici e metà monopattino, è un ibrido abbastanza strano: priva della sella, si usa pedalando in piedi; dotata non di 2 ruote come la bici ma di 3 per restare in equilibrio (due sono le posteriori, molto più piccole di quella anteriore), ha i pedali collegati con una catena alla ruota motrice anteriore, e il telaio è infatti destrutturato e sostituito da un corpo con profilo a “doppia esse” che si estende per tutta la lunghezza snodato in alluminio, quindi anche abbastanza leggera. L’ Halfbike si guida stando in piedi e per girare è necessario inclinarsi, in modo simile a quanto avviene con gli skateboard. A primo vista sembra un monopattino ma ha il manubrio fisso e in questo caso viene usato solo come appoggio per le mani. Un concept decisamente innovativo, non per tutti, ma sicuramente originale e di sicuro interesse per chi cerca un metodo alternativo per muoversi e fare ginnastica. Le capacità di chi la guida, infatti, sono importanti: Egli può e deve controllare il veicolo con tutto il corpo e non solo con le mani; pedalare in modo corretto su una Half Bike assomiglia più al movimento naturale del camminare che a quello di andare seduti in bici! Chi guida questa “bici a metà” muove, estende in continuazione un po’ tutto il corpo, mettendo in atto una serie di movimenti fluidi e allo stesso tempo intuitivi. Half Bike è compatta e leggera allo stesso tempo, facile da trasportare praticamente ovunque. Essendo ripiegabile è possibile portarla agevolmente a bordo dei mezzi di trasporto pubblici (anche in metropolitana), portandosela appresso in ufficio e parcheggiandola poi sotto la scrivania. Per chi usa l’auto, invece, una volta ripiegata, la bici entra facilmente nel bagagliaio anche di una piccola vettura. I suoi ‘inventori’ (la Start Up Kolelinia è stata fondata da Martin Angelov e Mihail Klenov), sono due giovani architetti, grandi esperti della mobilità urbana, con una chiara visione di come essa può essere vissuta nella società contemporanea. Martin e Mihail credo possano essere considerati la ‘punta di diamante’ di quella pattuglia di giovani che si dedica alla ricerca innovativa sui sistemi di trasporto alternativi. Bravi davvero! In Italia siamo in pochi ad averla ancora ci contiamo su un palmo della mano ma visto i risultati siamo in continua crescita...
2 years ago
Markku M. - FI
Learning to ride and using the halfbike to get to work and back home has been a really fun and interesting exprience. In a way, I've had to relearn how to ride a bike. Though there was and is some things that I needed and need to upgrade, so that riding the Halfbike would feel more comfortable and stable for me. One of the first things that came up, was the handle bar or more specifically the handles. Because the handles are so close together and just normal tube shaped without stoppers on the ends. During longer riding sessions, I found it difficult to control and hold on to. Thus, I switched the original handles to "L" shaped ones. This gave me a better feeling of control and removed the risk of my hands slipping. Another option would have been gloves but these I would've most likely forgot somewhere now and then. Another obstacle, which I haven't yet decided on. Is that I'm wondering should I buy stronger springs for the bike. The main reason is that because here in Finland we don't really have evenly flat walkways to ride on and in many occasions, when I would ride over the road. There would be a small sudden drop with an angle towards another direction I wouldn't be going in. You wouldn't feel this with a two wheel bike but because the Halfbike has three and two of them on the back. It feels like the bike wants to throw me off. I've learned to control this but I'm wondering would stronger springs help with this matter a bit. I've read the forums on this idea and I know the downsides of it also. The last problem I'm having is the pedals or I still need to adjust to this type of cycling. After riding for awhile I notice a uncomfortable tension under my feet. This might just be that my feet aren't used to this type of cycling yet or It could be the bikes pedals are to narrow for me and these need some development for me. Overall I'll still give full marks for this bike because it is fun, interesting and friendly for small modification to suit the riders needs better. Everyone is different and this requires different solutions to suit everyones needs. As long as the base is there and working then it's positive uphill from there.
3 years ago
Greg C. - US
As someone who didn't ride bikes growing up, the Halfbike intrigued me for a few reasons. I had skateboarded and tried out longboarding when it became more popular, but I did not like the kind of braking you had to do on even minor descents to keep your speed under control. I then tried one of the more transportation-minded scooters with a built-in brake but I really didn't enjoy scootering. So it was back to the spin bike. The Halfbike looked in some ways more challenging based on my non-cycling background, and yet ultimately much more rewarding. The evolution of the Halfbike 3 with the improved braking system sealed the deal and I snapped one up as soon as I could afford it. It did turn out to be a challenge - somewhat self-inflicted as I only realized the tires were flat several months into the learning curve. As a former skateboarder, it felt familiar to just bail whenever I screwed up a turn or hit the brakes too hard. And I could feel the progression as I had to bail less and less. In all, in about three months, and now with freshly topped off tires, I've gone from barely being able to complete a few pedal strokes to being able to ride continuously for 30 minutes or more (depending on those pesky inclines) and turn fairly smoothly. Now, it is all about building endurance and having fun. Ultimately, I've achieved my short-term goal of getting more exercise and getting outdoors more often, which is a very nice change from my spin bike. Cheers, Halfbike team, and I can't wait to see your product continue to get better and better. Also, I know there are some considerations about an indoor trainer, which would be amazing for halfbikers like me with cold and snowy winters.
3 years ago
Tom A. - GB
The halfbike is an intriguing thing as it neither a traditional bike or indeed a stepper or indeed a mono cycle. The more video I watched the more intrigued I became and was super keen to try it. Christmas was coming and do I had a word with Mrs Claus and she sanctioned the spend. To say 2019 was a Christmas like I was 10 would be an understatement. I received it month or so before the 25th December and decided to put it together and then try to resist trying it. That lasted a few days and then I just had to have a go. Only a little bit a few times and then I put it in my study and just kept looking at it. To start with it was super tricky to get going. Scooting it along and leaning over to opposite side to the pedal where your foot is is a good way to get it going. Its as hard to ride as a bike was the first time you ever tried and requires that interesting thing called balance which once you have figured it out is easy peezy but at first its not, just not at all. Some things mostly with an engine just require the go button and you are off but the multi tasking nature of HalfBike initially plays with your head but if you give it due consideration you will be rewarded. Its a thing thats been designed and made by thinkers so you have to think about it and then practice riding it. My chum Steve who races mountain bikes got it immediately and was riding up and down in no time, 10 minutes max. A bike to him is like part of his body and he understands the ebb and flow of the machine. Like anything in life stuff you have to work on a bit makes for the longevity of the experience. Like gybing a windsurf off the wind at full speed and getting round fully planning executing a tight turn on the halfbike is a feeling of joy and elation, I can do it now and it makes me smile more than cornering a conventional bike. I’m still not 100% with it in traffic, on potholed surfaces, or tight paths however its a blast on reasonably smooth surfaces, its super fun and I absolutely love it. Life is short, get one.
3 years ago
Mark A. - GB
I haven't had my half bike long, a few weeks, but I love it ! It is great fun, it doesn't take long to ride in a straight line (my advice is watch all the videos you can - they really help) - it's going round corners that takes some time to master - I still am finding myself over doing the corner :) I even have managed to get my teenage daughter on the bike and riding very quickly. I love that I don't need to get changed into any special kit or shoes like I do for my road bike. The half bike is portable and light and very well constructed. I have made a conscious decision that if I need to run out for anything and it is within a few Miles/Kilometres that I will not ride in the car, but take my half bike. I live on the South Coast of the UK and have ridden the local promenades and towns in my area and had lots of looks and even more people stop me and want to know more - even one guy stop me whilst shopping one evening in a local store, asking me questions and asked for try :) I have had an issue as well and regrettably, however the half bike team were supportive and responsiveness and everything was sorted and I was on my way once again. I plan to take my half bike with me anywhere and everywhere (even abroad) and ride every possible place I am able. I would recommend buying one of these super bikes, as along as you keep calm and learn in short sessions you will be fine. If you see my race around the Hampshire, UK area on a half bike and you want a try, just shout and hopefully I will hear you and stop whilst having fun and practicing on my cornering :) Have fun on your half bike !!! And Half Bike Team - thank you for this superb machine - I wish I had purchased one sooner.
4 years ago
Sean - US
I was tentative about buying a Halfbike. I had read so many reviews that intimidated me with tales of disappointment regarding how difficult it was to ride one. There were reviewers who stated that they had tried and tried but could never get the hang of it, that they weren’t in peak shape, that they weren’t young anymore. Hey, wait! That’s me! I’m forty-one, not young anymore and not in peak shape. But the videos made it look so easy! I was conflicted. I put off the purchase for months because of those reviews. Eventually, I thought, ‘What the hell!’ I had been looking for a fun way to get out and exercise for a while and decided to make the purchase. The worst thing that could happen is that I’d be out the shipping costs. The bike arrived fast, two days after I purchased it online. I watched the video tutorial on how to put it together. It was so easy! I took it down to the beach and gave it a try, thinking that I was going to fall on my face based on what I had read in those negative reviews. Much to my surprise, it only took me a couple of tries to be able to awkwardly peddle without stepping off the bike. The key is momentum and balance and understanding my center of gravity. After an hour I was able to get going faster. The next day, I was going top speed in third gear, the wind in my hair and people staring at the Halfbike as I whizzed by. My legs burned the next day. My muscles are definitely still getting accustomed to standing and peddling. It’s a great workout! My only complaint about the entire Halfbike experience is that there wasn’t a place for me to try it out before I purchased it. So, I became a Halfbike Ambassador so other people in my area could try one out for themselves and see how fun and easy they are to ride. I highly recommend Halfbike, from customer service to shipping to assembly to, of course, riding one. It’s a good company and a good product. Can’t wait to see what they come up with next!
5 years ago
Vassil D. - BG
At first glance the halfbike looks like a mix between a bicycle and a scooter, but looks can be deceiving. It feels different enough from both. Riding the halfbike is a unique experience, and one where knowing how to ride a regular bicycle does not help you learn. The key is that your hands and arms are not used just to steer and control the halfbike, but to some extend to power and stabilise it. Your core is much more involved, especially your obliques. When you press on the pedal, you must counteract by pushing with your hands in the opposite direction, and it's easier if you do it before you put your full weight on the pedal. This results in a great workout. It's funny how almost everyone trying for the first time fails to ride for more than a couple of meters. However, with practice, there is a certain elegance when you see an experienced halfbiker twisting their body slaloming by invisible obstacles, gliding on the asphalt like a fish in water. This does not come right away, but there are a couple of adjustments that help. Adjust your posture so you're slightly bent forward and pull your hips back in order to shift some weight away from the knees. When you turn or stop, you should lean to the side or to the back respectively to counteract the momentum. Also, at least for me it's a bit easier if I lean on the handlebars instead of trying to pull them when I try to stabilise the halfbike on every pedal push. There is something which is more difficult than it looks like it should be- riding when the road is slightly inclined to one side. Since the angle of the back wheels relative to the surface determine how you turn, this means that going straight requires you to hold the handlebars parallel to the road, so slightly at an angle, and there's pressure to turn. One thing I still don't trust is the brakes. Due to the high centre of gravity it's not safe to brake the front wheel so the only option left is to brake the rear wheels. This is not very efficient and at least on my halfbike produces a screeching sound as the brakes temporarily lock up. Still, overall it's a very fun experience, it's portable and usable, and I alternate commuting with my bike and halfbike. While the halfbike will not replace the bicycle, it has its place and I have no intention to stop using it.
6 years ago
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